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Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, there's several way to find MainActivity. First, I wanted to talk about the Roblox itself. It looks like there's multiple component that's likely to be the MainActivity:

  • 1) ActivitySplash: Using some tools, this component is marked as MainActivity.
  • 2) ActivityProtocolLaunch: It is the activity that responsible to launch the Game
  • 3) RobloxApplication: This was found inside the manifest.xml from <application> scope.

Using the second Activity, I was able to launch the game like this:

am start com.roblox.client/.ActivityProtocolLaunch

Now, how there's 3 possible MainActivity? You can find MainActivity for every apps using various ways:

  • 1) You can use: MyAndroidTools Pro (requires Root). Inside the App -> ≡ -> Activity -> Roblox -> House Icon.


  • 2) You can also inspect it's Manifest.xml -> <Application -> android:name.


  • 3) If the game can be launched from some Activity, there's a chance it is a MainActivity. It looks like: that's not the case with Roblox:


  • 4) If you want it only to launch the Game, you can Launch the game without MainActivity at all. Here we can use MonkeyPatch:
monkey -p com.roblox.client -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1


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