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On 3/17/2024 at 12:21 AM, sammax71 said:

Now you'll get a million more pm's 😂😂

By playing this game for too much you can discover some new glitches  🙂

I don't blame people for not sharing it as will get patched next update. 


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So with all the dice rolls being predetermined and when you go offline you can still roll does that mean the rolls are saved on the device? could they be accessed some how to know what your next rolls would be without actually clicking the roll button.

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12 hours ago, eliottalderson said:

Hello @NoFear
I know this is a bit late but is there any chance I can get the link to the discord server?

I don't have one for this

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I have been working on extracting data from MonopolyGo just to find out all pre-determined data from all multiples. Then I found out that seems like Game Guardian is the most likely tools that can achieve it? @fear, i see you have some experiences in this. Can you share some insights in this area please ? or you have already got a way to extract all data from it? Anyone who is interested to work this up together please hit me up. I cant do much by my own . Cheers! 

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