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Breaworlds (4.0.0) (32/64bit support)


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Breaworlds (4.0.0) (32/64bit support)

How to download + Review

Script design prepared by YWie779, Feature by AdamWibu.


Warning: I am not responsible if your account is banned. Use at your own risk!


To unban yourself, Download 'VirtualXposed' and clone Breaworlds. You multiple clone the Breaworlds to instantly unban without waiting.


Every clone is like creating a new device for you. You can use for hiding the Account Logs. So enjoy hacking on alt!


The script is online so don't worry about installing a new script.


How to use:

* Increase Zoom

Let you zoom out until the full world.


* High Jump

Jump so high in the air.


* Speed

Increase Walking speed.


* Chest Magnify

Let you see item inside the chest.


* Auto Jump

Automatic jump for you.


* Freeze Camera Position

Stop your camera from locating to your player position.


* Freeze Y Position

Freeze your player y position.


* No Gravity

Remove falling and jump higher.


* Fast Fall

Force the motion to fall faster.


* Anti Respawn

Ignore any Respawn respond.


* Speedhack Limit Bypass

Remove game speed limit.


* Hide Username

All username of player will be invisible.


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