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How to find Anti BAN?



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12 hours ago, Player4 said:

How do we look for Anti BAN?
I have tried various methods in different games, but have not had the desired results.
If anyone knows how to look for it, could you please tell me?

Hi! Security System will vary each game. In general, there's 2 type of approach to do this:

  • 1) Directly eliminate the Ban itself
  • 2) Hide your Memory Hack/Cheats.

# Ban Value

  • 1) You can start to prevent the ban from received to your game session by simply disabling send & recv function inside your game library. To find it; you need to decompile the game library using a decompiler. For Android, you might want try this: Android Dissasembler, Highly suggest to use IDA Pro or Ghidra if you have some Windows device. It might effective but for heavy/popular games such as PUBG, it wouldn't work and require extra patch inside the game library.  You can find the game library inside the game APK by opening it using ZArchiver and others, or you can check the game directory:

After you have found the function, you take it's  Array of Bytes and find it using GG Hex:

h00 01 02 03 04 05
# Sample Value, "h" must exist to represent Hex string.

*I suggest to use Arm 32-bit Architecture of the game so you can follow for patches i use, otherwise you need to adjust it yourself.

Next, we going to patch the target function with some Arm Instruction:

1E FF 2F E1
#BX LR, Represent End of Function


00 00 A0 E3
# mov r0, #0
  • 2) Using IPTables and filter the ban values from Game Packets. First, you need to setup some Network Traffic Monitor and save the game traffic into .pcap for later use. Highly suggest to use WireShark on Windows, or you can install TShark inside Termux with Root / SU Previlege:
apt install tsu
apt install tshark
sudo tshark <Your Command Here>

# TShark = WireShark but Cli
# Read Wireshark documentation about TShark command and uses.

*Before further explanation, note that: this require dummy account and needs to receive BAN while capturing the Game Packets.

If you have NON-Rooted Device, you can try to use: PCAPDroid or HTTP Canary. I'm afraid that it would not capture the traffic properly as you need to get the UDP layer traffic instead of TCP. After getting the PCAP File, you need to find Array of Bytes pattern from UDP Traffic, and use IPTables to reject the connection if it's using that specific pattern. You might get Trial and Error but you need to keep trying:

iptables -A INPUT --match string --algo bm --hex-string '|[AoB Pattern]|' -j DROP
iptables -A OUTPUT --match string --algo bm --hex-string '|00 3D|' -j DROP

In the end, there's many work-around to get "Anti-Ban". I'm trying to stick with the Topic; so I'm not gonna mention on how to Hide Memory Cheats. If you're interested, you can create a new Thread/Post. Anti-Ban is very difficult to find because of many factors that involve with it. It could be your Patched Hack, Your Gameplay Statistics, Your Gameplay behaviour / pattern, etc.

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@MainChope you are well I have tried the method you said but I can't find the game library using Android Disassembler or ZA archiver I have searched every folder and file from the game but still couldn't find it hope you could please help me out thanks in advance have a great dayScreenshot_2022-11-03-10-23-24-98.thumb.jpg.a1aa6c8b41edb3029f49f38b8d06734b.jpg


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5 hours ago, DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER said:

@MC189 in ur first method can u explain about the send & rev functions I cant find those functions in libil2cpp of the game

Hi @DARK_DEMON_SCRIPTER, AntiCheat is different from game to game. Please mention your games name and probably create a new topic.

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