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Modify Offset Without Sleep



Hi everyone. i would like to see if there is a way to modify offset value quicker without letting game guardian sleep after the user changes their ammo in game

Game: Payback 2, (Old Version because latest version developer hid shotgun value (hidden or encrypted))

Game Arch:  x64

Device Arch: x64

like for example this is what i use every time:

function Bombs()
gg.alert("Shoot once and wait")
c = gg.getResults(1)
local x = {}
x[1] = {}
x[1].address = c[1].address + 0x8
x[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT
x[1].value = 1
gg.toast("Bombs Enabled")

but now im getting tired of defining an address into one table. so is there maybe an other way? ;o 

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6 minutes ago, MAARS said:

I dont really understand what you mean, can you explain what you want in a different way please !

What do you mean by letting gg sleep ?

i don't really know how to explain it. but is there a way to skip through the gg.sleep function and modify my offset number quicker?

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