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Guns of Boom script


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2 hours ago, Anhtuan2504 said:

Excuse me please help my problem. I use newest your script. 

Thanks you Nok1a!




Ok, please run this script attached below. Send screenshot of result. Supposed to look like in the screenshot.



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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, stonis said:

Did you find Antireport method to block playrs to report us.

Also Try to unlock all weapons & costumes.

If i recall i tried doing that before, but then you get an error. I tried with rewards as well. Perhaps you can make a new request here on the forum regarding unlocking weapons or rewards hacks etc, i basically never focused on that. I focus on other things.  But a lot of experienced cheaters that are more familiar with currency hacks and unlocking arsenals here on the forum. So yes. Make a new request. 
Regarding the antireport i have not had a look to it yet. As you were aware i was busy making that script for load the 200+ hacks. There was no mention of a report function or anything among those 200+ hacks. And currently i am not working on GoB for check for specific requests of user. It takes time and effort for do a bit research with the bit of knowledge in that field. Work takes priority. Need to make my living  🙂

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Posted (edited)


This issue is weird. Those offsets have the value 0 is odd. It's saying that it could not get the the metadata.dat range. Its essential for do offset calculations starting the right addresses in memory.
But saying that ISA = 0 is odd to. But that doesn't make sense. Its possible this is a bigger issue then it looks. Please run this script, its modified. Need to verify if the script gets the ranges at all. Send screenshot of the top of the page, and the end of the page. It should look like this.

6 hours ago, stonis said:

This is wht I'm getting on loading test script.

Screenshot_20220618-103301_F1 VM.jpg







12 hours ago, Itsmegordo said:

Sorry for late response 


You seem to have the same issue. Please kindly do the same:

Guns of Boom script (#70620kfk)


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