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    Guns of boom

    Hi, this is taken from a one of the first versions of my script. Your previous scripts of Guns Of Boom are copies of others as well. Including mine. I never really understood the reason for why you do this. Also reconsider that this game is dying and probably shuts down when the contract for the server has ended. So i actually suggest that if you have something new we add it to my script and you get the proper credits for it. It's not good for have several scripts around with same functions otherwise soon or later one or the other is gone point fingers and i do not like to be involved in that energy so let's do join hands.
  2. Thanks for quick reply. This is a common issue, I don't think GG can find the values on such addresses, tried several times. No results since go to pointer/loading addresses out of range doesn't really work. So download 32 bit APK(ARMeabi-v7a). Change the downloaded file extension to .zip, then use the SAI app for install it. Don't forget to give SAI root permission. Then original script should work.
  3. Please copy the whole thing. The half is missing from the screenshot.
  4. Hi, please run this script, copy and post result here so that issue can be fixed. Thank you. com.gameinsight.gobandroid.lua
  5. hi, run this script. Copy and paste the result here. com.gameinsight.gobandroid (8).lua
  6. Think i had a 32 bit saved https://mega.nz/file/7Q8THSKb#K86jCYje1FA64CHHSHWDwvPV2FWDuYsqUZPIuC8lxHo
  7. You can download 32 bit version online. I think i had it from here: https://apkdl.in/app/details?id=com.gameinsight.gobandroid
  8. Is that 32 bit or 64? If 64, install gob apk 32 bit
  9. Script worked before? Did you restart the game. It can happen in sercent occasions.
  10. You don't need to wait till red circle is full before you can shoot. For example snipers. No waiting time.
  11. Neither of the two features you used bans. So you got reported. A lot don't care about being reported, they just want fun, the game is dying either way. So if your serious about playing you want to think about which features to use and how to use them so that it is less obvious that your cheating.
  12. If you want to edit the value of ammo directly you would need to load the base values instead of the pointers. You can edit these values how you like. Changes like that i won't do
  13. Tagged pointers.. Script is not optimized for it. You have two options. 1. Use different virtual space 2. Use Guns of Boom 32bit apk
  14. Make a request in the forum.
  15. View File Guns of Boom multihack loader The script will load 200+ values. Edit how you like. Submitter nok1a Submitted 06/21/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  16. Correction. Its "additionalStrartAmmo", my bad. Had to relook the script. You can use this script uploaded here. It will show the base values when you load these pointers. You can see that the 'additionalStrartAmmo' has a base value of 0. replace the value with a pointer that has a higher base value...for example maxHealth. baseValue of maxhealth is 1000. so copy the value of maxhealth and replace the value of additionalStrartAmmo with the value of maxhealth. and set the base value of additionalStrartAmmo is now 1000 guns of boom hack loader.lua
  17. You loaded the pointers. Enable hex view. If you want to change max ammo you must set the pointer ecual to a pointer that points to an address that has a higher base value. its "additionalMaxAmmo" btw.
  18. Must change in lobby. But Armor would be like one of those things that is server sided.
  19. You need to dump the game. I have an old tutorial from almost scratch, it uses guns of boom as test subject: https://emalm.com/?v=LBaYI
  20. It has been released. The script is waiting for approval but for now you can download it from this video.
  21. I uploaded a script on this forum but its waiting for approval. You can download it from this video. Its a hack loader for guns of boom. It loads 200+ hacks. From an Entry and base values. You can try to play around with it and find your own cheats, i will later make a new video how to make such hack loader.
  22. Version 1.0.2


    The script will load 200+ values. Edit how you like.
  23. can you first download latest version of the script? 1.9.2 and see if you still get error? try this one. com.gameinsight.gobandroid.lua
  24. Great to hear you got it solved. Regarding MCV, i prefer to keep it with one game only. In this case GoB. I sadly not have the time for make cheats on other other games. To busy with work.
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