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Help hack northgard


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Try editing it to a large number then freeze it. if it doesn't work there are other methods of modifying the address without direct editing

also can u explain what value is it?

is it health? damage?, coins? tell me what value is it đŸ™‚Â 

Find the upgrade button that increases the value when you buy and search its price and then make it 0 for free purchase, or -999,999 to get that much cash back

then when its free or minus amount can be undetected because the game doesn't know you directly modified the value and it thinks you are playing legit


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On 9/14/2021 at 6:36 AM, Godnono said:

Can't the game northgard be hacked because the value has been found but can't be changed?



Wood & coins done from building a house. Think the cost was 50 wood and 10 coins. So I searched 50;10::50 (dword) then refined 10 and increment edit. Once you find the correct value you can edit to -999999999 then goto the address and you'll see the 50 nearby and you can change that as well.

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