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Online Game Dice Result

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The Game is World of Prandis

Online Server Based

In this game there is a function that lets you roll a dice that resulting from 1 to 100 

See Picture

I think this dice is related on upgrading equipments

I dont need to edit the value just need to know what will be the dice result

I just want to know if there is a way to find out this value



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Anyone can help me?

Which memory ranges? 

What type of value could it be?

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You could search the last roll you got, then within those results search the next roll you get.  Etc.  

I'm thinking float search.  

Try unencrypted first and then encrypted if it doesn't turn up.  

That might work.  



If I've got time I might check it out too

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I already tried it but i think it does not work, there is no result

I'm doing unkown search and i just roll dice then search for changed values

The problem is there is so many results so i tried one memory range only but still so many 

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Help please.....

I think you could really find the value

Because when you roll dice without internet then turning it on again the die rolls wil load

So i think its within the app not from server????? 

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