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bypassing account and device bans with GG|theorizing and discussing

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Hello brothers and sisters,

 I have some theory regarding device bans and account bans on accounts.

Do you think its possible to by pass a ban by kind of watching the traffic between the client and server and somehow implement it into gameguardian?
By now I see that GG also can show the requests that are gone be send to the server and also those that are gone be sended to the client. I mean anything what`s coming out and in GG shows.

So by theory this would mean to by pass a ban that is server sided would mean you have to manipulate the packages send between client and server and somehow by putting a hold on those packages before the request is sended to perhaps manipulate that your are actually a valid user, what change in the request also change in to GG, I did it several times before but never came up with the idea to put it into a script. I believe by theory this should be possible. I found values before that include requests sended by the server and they would give a security error due to the wrong combination or flow of the packages...by skipping specific requests you should be able to by pass a account ban without losing its data.

I`m open for any theory, let me know if you have a other way to implant a bypass with GG, it should also be possible to put in to a script.

I mean I did all this before but never with GG, back then by using these methods I managed to hijack in to admin accounts and other player there accounts, now it should be a nice combination with GG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBEzHgB3MPA&t=22s

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GG is only memory editor. It is not traffic sniffer.

GG not designed for that.

Use appropriate tools for each task.

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