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How to install GG on Bluestacks with LP [ROOT]

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This is a workaround for those who can't install GG on BS since installer keeps getting blocked and corrupted.

1. Click on rebuild & Install and find your downloaded file under storage/sdcard/download > Install apk as system app 

2. Restart BS

3. Launch the system app you created from within LP

4. Let GG install itself and keep clicking OK if it asks for uninstall or any other window

5. After it's done go back to LP and new GG app will appear under obfuscated name

6. Toolbox > Batch Operations > Move selected to SD card > Select the file > Move to SD

Uninstall the system file GG we created earlier optionally and then restart BS again so it will be gone.

Tools used: https://bstweaker.tk/   https://www.luckypatchers.com/download/

How to Root BS: https://youtu.be/21qSgqCNQNY


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17 minutes ago, Enyby said:

Too long and too complicated.


Just hit second download button, not first, and install GG in BS as usual, without all this stuff.

Would you mind writing what exactly is different between the two? GG for Nox is obviously more optimized to run with Nox as I'm getting even slower searches with Bluestacks with it.

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Yes, tell me difference between them, because you build it, not me.

Difference in package name. All other is your imagination.

[added 0 minutes later]

After installation, with random name, no difference at all.

[added 2 minutes later]

You can try compare two apk and make conclusion. But make conclusion based on some "feelings"...

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Ok, so you're saying that GG for Nox is same as normal one and the only difference is it has some bypass so it can install itself undetected by Nox which works the same for BS too, correct? 
I'm not trying to stir up an argument here, I'm just looking for clear answer, there's no need to pull things out of context as I'm clearly talking about Normal GG vs Nox one, nothing to do with my "build".
Maybe there's a language barrier here and you misunderstood me.

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I have a problem with the latest version of GG (86.4) for BS. when i try to install it will say "the package appears to be corrupt." so i try different ways of downloading it, but the result still same. i never encounter this problem before with the past version so i'm not sure what should i do to make it work. 



edit: nevermind problem solved... i try to download the nox version and somehow the installation work. weird because im using BS and before this i always download the normal version of gg and not nox

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