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  1. It's an HTML script of some sort, it's private, it has nothing to do with game itself but this unique user ID. Game uses facebook as cloud save so that's how it fetches game information.
  2. Join this group and follow their instructions https://www.facebook.com/groups/908275372557162/?fref=nf
  3. I don't think so. As I said this is clearly just a side effect of server checking for client's local data and since this injection set currency back to positive it passes the check successfully.
  4. Actually there is a way to fix it. I don't know how but I suspect it's man in the middle attack. There are people who offer currency injection services on game mod apk forums, they use your Facebook User ID to add you coins or gems before the game loads and thereby this removes the Invalid Wallet error as a side effect since values return as positive to server. I did some social engineering you could say by bricking my game on purpose and pretending that I needed help, I found out that one of the facebook groups offers this in fact for free however the tool they are using is not free, you request it and they do it for you. This is a screenshot of the tool the admin of that group sent me. Everything is done from the website and you need to have VIP access, in other words $11 a month to use the service. I thought it looked like phishing scam at first but then I found other such services by highly reputable game modders elsewhere. Edit: As a matter of fact currency injection services have been offered on sites like Sbenny since the game was released I just never realized this would actually fix the error since e.g. I had 2 billion negative gems and they added only 10k but the error was gone anyway.
  5. Nox runs like crap on my machine, huge lags, freezing, app crashing, even while just using browser and plus colors look washed out and just generally random graphical glitches both on DirectX and OpenGL. I have high end PC so that's shouldn't be an issue. I would still recommend BS over any other emulator, times have changed, BS is currently least bloat and runs faster, only GG scanning is slower but that depends on game size of data too. This game is 1.5 gb currently with over 230k of data assets so using any emulator on it is nightmare. All I'm saying is don't switch to Nox over just faster GG searches when everything else worse, cryptominers and blocking of certain IP range to prevent Nox from connecting to some shady Chinese domains.
  6. https://youtu.be/ganKnwf8tYc I fixed it with LP by installing the apk as system app and then launching it within LP so GG installed itself. Moved it to memory card and uninstalled the GG system app. So far I haven't encoutered any issues while doing searches so I think everything is intact.
  7. Do you know why even older BS versions are now blocking GG? I downgraded as far as to BS 3 and tried much older GG version, blocked BS in firewall just in case to prevent update too but still nothing worked. Older versions of BS worked fine with GG just a day ago but now none of them does, it's like it's global patch somehow?
  8. 86.3 was working fine on BS before I tried to update to 86.4 but I couldn't due to error above and then I couldn't downgrade either so now not even older versions work on BS anymore. GG for Nox you linked works on BS, but will this only be temporary fix?
  9. I'm unable to install the latest one either, having same error.
  10. You need root in order to use GG but just starting the game without root shouldn't be an issue. You need to have Lolipop or higher android version to run it though or maybe your device is not supported, there have been such issues before but only when game officially launched. Maybe try running it on emulator, good luck!
  11. Don't start over, it's just one cosmetic, if you know how to datamine you can find that outfit's string and hack it with HEX in GG or string search in Cheat Engine. If you can tell me the name I may be able to find it, I presume it has sweatshirt in name but I need more info. Just keep in mind this isn't permanent, it will work even after restart however if you change to some other clothing it will disappear. Are you too lazy to search through this thread? There's also a ton of videos out there man.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJq9Pxyr8Ls Just putting this out here for anyone who still hasn't hacked notebooks as NoFear's method no longer works.
  13. Just posting my old re-uploaded videos in case someone still needs it as I see people are still playing this game, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMoneyLover1995/videos?disable_polymer=1
  14. I didn't get into early access but the game requires user authentication through bethesda account on login screen which means you probably need an active internet connection at all times. I doubt this game willl be possible to hack cuz It's not like Fallout Shelter where you could both play it offline and there was no authentication of any sort. Edit: I'm talking about live up to date hacking and playing of course. Perhaps mod apk would be possible once full release is out.
  15. It hasn't even been fully released yet, it's in early access currently and there's not much things to do.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfzhX7pcYdI
  17. https://youtu.be/R7UWTerGTps Temporarily outfit hack and possibly pets, hats, skins, hair etc. if you can find the name of models in apk by datamining it.
  18. I can't run that game on rooted device for some reason, never seen an app that refuses to run itself on a root before. I know Magisk has some root hide feature but I'm using SuperSU on bluestacks with some other tools and I really can't be bothered to switch to Magisk just for this one game, sorry.
  19. Unknown dword search, earn coins,insert amount,N=O+D, earn coins and repeat until you see 2 or 3 results, pause the game and edit the address with higher value, first one 999999 or whatever number you desire, 4th one 999999x8 this is for coins Below that are gems, do the same. Just be careful while editing this, I recommend putting high numbers because if you put less than the total coins or gems you've earned through normal gameplay you will break your game.
  20. Still works. As mentioned many times before make sure to search for new coin earnings not total if that's your problem.
  21. That's what I've been afraid of, by the time I figured out how to hack level xp I already had 2 creatures maxed and I was in the process of levelling up Fairy. For now, all you can do is wait and hope JC releases more creatures and hopefully one of them will have level 2 requirement, I'm so sorry I didn't think it would be this way.
  22. This is the current level cap on Magizoology. I actually recommend hacking this first before the creature XP as you will need to feed it in order to find the right value. 1. Hack time again, 5h = 18000s search that and change to 1 sec or however you like. 2. Delete all results and start fuzzy search 3. Start feeding the animal (x1 food = 3xp, x2 = 7xp and x3 = 12xp) It's up to you which one you pick it doesn't matter, it's the regular N=O+D process 4. You should have 2 results in the end, pause the game, edit the higher one and you're all set, next time you feed the animal your level will max out.
  23. Creatures timer and xp hack video if anyone needs it Level 1 Niffler bond might be 3 hours so you search 10800 seconds instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh-LHxhBR24
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BK08RauOww Actually I made the video for this I forgot to post it for both timer and friendship hack.
  25. You need to repeat the scans until you find the right value. Unknown dword, play friend activity, gain points, search N=O+D, friend activity again, gain points, search again. You search the difference not total number, even if difference is by 10 every time keep repeating it and after 2 or 3 scans you will find the right value 1 or 2 results.
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