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Common errors in help requests

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Read: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

1. The title of the topic is "help me" and others like that.

Indicate a clear reason. With such titles, you can not wait for help.

2. The wording “how to fix it?”, And then the screen or code. Or “help fix the error” and then two pages of code.
No one will guess what mistake, where, how or what. Do not specify specifically - do not receive help.
If after a quick reading of the question it is impossible to understand the essence of the question, then no one will ask you many suggestive questions. This is for you, not the one who answers.

3. Ask what is written in help. Before asking a question, carefully read the help, and also carefully study all the messages that you receive. It is quite possible that the answer is in these messages, or in the help.

4. The code is not formatted. When the code is not formatted (there are no line breaks and indentation) it is difficult to work with it and it is difficult to notice an error. Edit the post and format the code by adding line feeds and indentation. Perhaps after that you yourself will see where the error is.

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