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Hello, I am using GG for some month but i am having a lot of problem if you guys would answer my question and give me some advice for using GG it would be helpfull...

1.why my game value reset after i re-log/restart in game?? or why my game re-log/restart itself  and correct its value?

2.if i use speed hack why my game restart   or re-log in?

3.if i able to hack and do many staff like upgrade and also buying many in game item..... after i restart /re-log in game why its look like i didn’t even do a single thing...and reset all thing??

4.can you guys tell me a way to change value of online game....(value must not reset)?

5.can you guys tell me in short how you guys value work with online game or offline

6.can you guys tell how to change server value

7.how to hack server based game if i want?(recommend some cool app or tool to do it)


1.Can you guys add something so that java time  or online games which have time doesnt depend on server rather it depends on you guys given time or phone time...

2.plz reverse time or something like that and - in time hack

3. plz add something so that game dosent able to reset if( QUESTION- 3) first part happen...

4.Can you guys add something which will tell the server you are right and server is wrong...

5.plz add something so that saved address dosent get removed if game restart or if i kill the game...

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Server-sided game. If something going wrong - reload data from server.

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Need help please sir need help I need one script of armajet game there is no mod APK of my armajet game

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