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Lua Tutorial - Expired Script

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Well, if someone is looking for a function that adds expiration date see my video I'll be leaving the source in the description




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For to chnage date



Return *

And.... Bye.

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      Wasup everyone, RCPOLSKI here.
      In this topic you guys are about to learn how to create prefixes like [ON] and [OFF]
      Why to use this? Well, you can keep you script menu clean and still use it for others things like showing results got by prompt (numbers, words, etc...)
      There are 2 ways of doing it:
      Calling and refreshing the stuff right on the menu Creating a function that will be called after the cheat function being read  
      So then, let's go!
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      on = '[ON]' off = '[OFF]' cstatus = off  
      2. Here we create our menu and set some things up...
      - Before every button, if you're going to put the prefix, you'll need to put the string var created up there (Here is cstatus) then 2 dots (..) and finally your text
      function main() menu = gg.choice({ cstatus .. ' Some random trick', -- cstatus + .. and 'the text' 'Exit'}, nil, 'Cheat menu') if menu == 1 then if cstatus == on then -- Checks if cstatus is [ON] cstatus = off -- If yes, then sets it to [OFF] else cstatus = on -- If it's not, then sets it to [ON] end doCheat() -- After doing the check things, regardless of outcome it call the doCheat function elseif menu == 2 then os.exit() end 3. As you are using vars with data stored in, you can also call 1 function only to enable and disable the cheat
      function doCheat() if cstatus == on then -- Check if the cstatus is [ON] print('Cheat enabled!') -- If yes, then add the activation code here else print('Cheat disabled!') -- If it's not, then add the desactivation code here end end  
      There is a lua script to download with both first and second method
      Feel free to use the code!
      Sorry for my english, still learning tho 😛
      Prefix Tutorial.lua