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  1. I'm developing a library that makes it easier to create menus, watch my video and see Library: GameGuardianEasy Version: 1.0
  2. Lol, Good job, simple and easy.
  3. No need, but thanks I could do everything ^ - ^ _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later Added ^-^
  4. I developed a chat in the game guardian and if someone wants to help me with suggestions of what I could put I would be grateful: -:
  5. Yes, if it is to do someday I will think about this possibility, thank you. I did not focus much as it is just a script login so I did not see the need to do anything great
  6. I would do with ip, but think every time you restart the internet your ip changes _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Thanks, I hope I have helped ?
  7. Wow are you able to cracking for username and password in free domain Our you are very good at ?????
  8. Man, I also know I do not need you to speak the purpose of this tutorial is PHP LOGIN not how to protect your file you expect to know differentiate one thing from the other ?? _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Just create an index.php I think you did not have the proper knowledge to know this, but that's fine.
  9. if you are not aware someone will be useless, but I know hide the file and in some video I will teach do not quit speaking what you do not know please.
  10. Hi friends, today I bring you a way to make a login and online registration where everything has been on the host so it is safer for VIPs to have a look at my S2 video
  11. Good, log in and register online where you can buy the data on the site see my video and understand
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