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I need help for hacket: Hill Climb Racing

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-> Guys I wanted to know how I do to hack some things in Hill Climb Racing like:

-> 1. Infinite gasoline

-> 2. Speed hack

-> 3. Nitro hack

-> Good if you can help me by teaching me to do these and Hacks and even but still, I thank you.]

-> Sorry for the English Terrible.I use Google translator . 

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I cant help ya with the speed one but here is a script that does infinite fuel and lets you get 10,000 boosters instead of 10 along with Coins and Gems

Hill Climb Racing v1.39.2 Infinite Fuel + Boosters + Currency by BadCase (#1vz5dv6b)

you may need to wait a bit for it to get approved I just uploaded it and it is still marked as pending approval

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