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Problem on finding instantly a value

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Hello everyone,

This is the situation: i would like to find a particular value that is encrypted.

There is actually no way to find out the encryption method.

8 is equal to 167117 and 43 is equal to 818796

I can easily find the value using fuzzy search, but it requires too much time.

The address is not static, and i can't even search for a part of it.

Group search is not possible, because near values are different between devices.

I tried using pointer scan, but there are no pointers for it.

is there something else i can try?

I would like to create a script for it.

Is there anyone who can help me?

thank you in advance!


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Tell me the game, and give exact way I can find a value to save me time. This is actually what I like doing, is finding a way to find the correct value Everytime, 1 search.

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