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  1. Well done, we managed to remove AI in career using game guardian, but not in events yet However all the scripts work, there is a simple way to avoid the ban.
  2. There is no way to join, groups are currently closed. Only trusted members could stay!
  3. I'm saying this to anyone, unfortunately, due to people misusing and abusing the scripts, we stopped releasing then for free, you can still get them if you want, but you will have to pay. Check this link if you are interested contact @Scrayil or @ComeBackAdriano on telegram
  4. Hello everyone, This is the situation: i would like to find a particular value that is encrypted. There is actually no way to find out the encryption method. 8 is equal to 167117 and 43 is equal to 818796 I can easily find the value using fuzzy search, but it requires too much time. The address is not static, and i can't even search for a part of it. Group search is not possible, because near values are different between devices. I tried using pointer scan, but there are no pointers for it. is there something else i can try? I would like to create a script for it. Is there anyone who can help me? thank you in advance!
  5. Omer, you were bothering too much. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later we decided that we won't share future scripts with people that abuse them and get unbelieveble scores in the game.
  6. The Timer-hack script is out, check the first post
  7. You can still earn rep with that _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later You can find the videos on this other channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQsgH11AfpV9ZNFCnY5ZbPw
  8. Maybe, gameloft will realise that their games protections sucks. They think only about the money, and are not interested in the quality of the products they provide. All the version of this game have been hacked, and using any platform. Ahahah _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Ahahah, i don't see this as a competition. We do what we can, only because we enjoy it ?
  9. We provided a list of codes in the description. We have also uploaded a video about finding the car codes. If the values don't work for you, you can try to find them yourself.
  10. Hi everyone, i created the first version of the script uploaded by Morty that stole it. You can check here that i upload my video before him: Me and Amcho Goenkar, released an updated version that works everywhere, anytime. The old one doesn't Check out also our new video: Anyway, i'm here to present a new hack for the game. Thank to Amcho Goenkar, you can now hack cars upgrades. You can find the links in description. Video This is the reuploaded video: My name is Scrayil, and my youtube channel is Endless Rage, i work with Amcho Goenkar and we'll continue to work together. Because of the Copyright strike, we started uploading videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQsgH11AfpV9ZNFCnY5ZbPw We have also uploaded a new script, we managed to create a script to hack timers: New update, all scripts have been merged, check the AllInOne Script's video: There is a new script out right now, you can instantly refill your nitro's bar while drifting and you can still earn reputation for the club, this is the video related to it: They removed the video again, contact us on telegram for the scripts: @Scrayil @ComeBackAdriano
  11. Anyway you stole someone else work and you changed almost nothing. It was the first release, not finished yet. However, i know it's equal to mine, because it doesn't work on all modes. And you left almost the same names. We managed to solve this all by the way
  12. You stole my script. Didn't you read my description? I said not to steal it. However, anyone can check, i uploaded my video 3 days ago!! And you uploaded yours yesterday!! Check out my channel: endless rage
  13. Hi everyone, i was just wondering how i could pass a list from a function to another. eg. I have a function that creates a list of elements, my searchResults list. And freezes all of them using a for cicle. How can i unfreeze them using another function? I did this: ::Func:: gg.searchNumber('myValue',gg.TYPE_DWORD) searchResults = gg.getResults(50) for i, v in ipairs(searchResults) do v.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(searchResults) gg.toast('HACKED') ::Unfreeze:: gg.searchNumber('sameValue',gg.TYPE_DWORD) searchResults = gg.getResults(50) for i, v in ipairs(searchResults) do v.freeze = false end gg.removeListItems(searchResults) gg.toast('All Done') It doesn't work.. Can you explain to me how to solve this? Thank you in advance! ?
  14. You did a great job, i like your script and it is really useful. Does it work everywhere in the game?
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