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Run for lg stylo 3 plus

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I used a version of gg for no rooted device and it worked, i uninstalled gg because i hacked the game i wanted to hack. And now i want to install gg again, but i couldn't find the version that works with my device, and i wanted to ask you, if you know what version works for lg stylo 3 plus, i had been trying a lot of version but didn't find the one that works ?

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Latest must work.

I think that the problems are in something else. Probably included the virtual space built into the firmware and it broke everything.

If you cannot choose a process in GameGuardian, or get an error 105/106, then on your firmware, GG, without root, will not work.
Try optimized versions of virtual spaces or another firmware or other device or get root.
On MIUI and FlyMe need disable internal virtual space (clone apps).

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