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Virtual spaces to run GameGuardian without root

What virtual space do you use?  

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  1. 1. What virtual space do you use?

    • Parallel Space (best choice)
    • VirtualXposed
    • Parallel Space Lite
    • GO Multiple
    • Dr. Clone
    • Virtual Space
    • ES Parallel Accounts
    • NoxApp+
    • DualSpace
    • Octopus
    • AppBox
    • DualSpace Blue
    • DualSpace Lite
    • 2Face
    • Other virtual space
    • I have a root
    • Multiple Space
    • clonneapp
    • Parallel Accounts
    • APP Cloner
    • App Hider
    • Calculator+

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    • By Enyby
      GameGuardian work without root

      So, as for work without root.
      This is not magic. Technical limitations were, and have remained. So it will not work anywhere and always.

      Actually it looks like this:
      1. You put an application of virtual space (Parallel Space, VirtualXposed, Parallel Space Lite, GO multiple, 2Face and many others).
      2. In it you add the game and installed GameGuardian.
      3. From the virtual space application, you launch the game and GameGuardian. Actually everything. GameGuardian can be used to hack the game.

      Everything is simple and transparent.

      It was a good part of the news. Now about the bad:
      1. The game has zero progress. You can not transfer the progress from the existing installation of the game, if the game itself does not provide it (through the cloud or somehow).
      2. Not all games work through virtual spaces.
      3. There may be another account in the game.
      4. Not all functions will be available in GameGuardian.
      5. On some firmware it does not work at all.
      If you cannot choose a proсess in GameGuardian, or get an error 105/106, then on your firmware, GG, without root, will not work.
      Try optimized versions of virtual spaces or another firmware or other device or get root.
      6. In some virtual spaces GameGuardian does not work.

      What can be done in case of problems:
      1. Try different virtual spaces if the problem is in them. Best option: Parallel Space.
      2. Try changing the firmware.
      3. Get a root and do not fool yourself.

      Once again: it will not work at all and always. It is possible that it will work for you and will not.
      Virtual spaces to run GameGuardian without root (#ct7bob3)
      Proper install without root - GameGuardian (#abausujp)
      Help: https://gameguardian.net/help/help.html#work_without_root
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      My Android is 8.0. No root.
      So I run GameGuardian in Parallel Space. It is easy to find the value。I modified the value but did not change anything.
      I tried to modify a lot of games, but it will not work. I don't think that's a problem with the game.