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i crash when using gameguardian im using duos and its rooted and works perfectly with other root required things im also using the latest version of gameguardian the crash happens when i change the value 

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    • By google007
      This the latest version
      Older method nto hack this was dword encrypted search then edit 
      But after update 
      We can find the values but adter editing the values 
      The game crashes 
      Can anyone else try for new hack (generally enchanting orbs)
    • By CHEaZITS
      Can someone please help me? I recently got my phone back from being repaired and I downloaded Stardew Valley, GG, and Parallel Space. For some reason when I start the game it crashes at the first image. There is no error message except for "Oops Stardew Valley just crashed...". I have done everything I can think of and it still doesn't work. I have an older phone with the exact same Stardew Valley version along with GG and Parallel Space and it runs fine. The phone I am trying to get it to work on is a Asus Rog Phone running on Android 8.1 with 8 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of memory. The other phone doesn't even come close to the Rog phone. But yet Stardew Valley runs on it. Now I can run Stardew Valley without Parallel Space... But I rather not. This is the first time I have had this issue with any game with Parallel Space.

    • By Deepz
      When I try to search for encrypted values in any game my gg crashes immediately . Please help
    • By MIQ2001
      Okay, so it's taken me a week to find a on actual working hack program of anything for Dragon City. Then I found Game Guardian and optimized Parallel Space. It showed the game in my process. I knew how to enter values. When I entered the new values they showed up. Then if I used them the game crashed. Even if I didn't, the game crashed after 20 seconds. It would never save the changed info or amounts then. So. Is this program entirely useless, or is there a bigger problem? Is it the game? Is there any hope for hacking the game because I'm sick of having to spend real money on it. I love the game though. Someone just let me know if I'm exhausting my efforts for nothing please...
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