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  1. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Lol. You can direct message Black Magic coz this Lucq's hack is made by Black Magic. And those scripts are for free with vip features. Just PM direct to Black Magic in discord and not to this scammer. Lol. This guy is also asking script for Black Magic. And posting here and asking for money. Lol
  2. Bro do you have a tutorial how to hack experience pack/diary?
  3. Lol another duplicate/replica. Aimbot aint free fella? LMAO Dont ya worry guyz, I have a FREE SCRIPT! w/ Aimbot, Wallhack, Body color, No trees & grass & of course ANTI CHEAT DETECTION. FOR FREE. Unlike this guy. Only for VIP ya say? Pfffty
  4. Yo bro! Mad props to ya! Your script is so fine bro. I aint got detected. Most of the cheats worked well, except for aimbot. Still, overall, it was great. Cheers mate!
  5. No sweat. Lol. Still good script. Quick effectivity. Unfortunately, system still detects it.
  6. Most of the features aint working. Only "no grass". Better if it has AIMBOT at least. Lol
  7. It'll still ban you. No anti cheat detection
  8. Not working. No anti cheat detection code
  9. Lol no one will donate or buy "your" lame-a** leeched script. Your script dont mean s*** to the game. It can only lead to BAN. Pathetic, begging for some benjamins for doing s*** ?
  10. Lol even "Sculptor" will definitely ask for money. Another pretender and scammer. Lmao
  11. Just create a new fb account. The game is asking for an fb account in the beginning, before getting to the lobby. Just create a new fb account. And youll have a fresh PUBGmobile account
  12. Not really. Ive created a new account and I didnt get ban. As long as you dont use a script it wont ban an account
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