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  1. In Simcity BuildIt, do all the residential building designs have addresses? There are many designs with most of them having three color styles. Has anyone figured out how to upgrade buildings straight to that design you want by changing addresses?
  2. I first saw that building from a video by Simcity Buildit Amrit. https://youtu.be/xsjUNJXsH1w
  3. What's that one building that hasn't been revealed yet?
  4. If an item in the Neo Mall was changed into a building by Game Guardian correctly without crashing Simcity BuildIt, will the thumbnail display be weird?
  5. Can items in the Neo Mall be changed to buildings?
  6. Do all of the buildings have fixed unique numbers to identify them?
  7. To hack the premium plants, you would need to edit the file, "pp.dat."
  8. Great video @BigBadGunner. But this is a very long and confusing procedure to do and can take time to master this. It's always tempting to see Youtube users Sim-antha and Buildit with Smith get these seasonal buildings from the mayor contest early by EA. And even missing out on those exclusive buildings like from IOS that Android can't have access to.
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