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  1. Gamevil is not stubborn, they just s**k. Most of the game need play online to validate the game data with their server. This mean we must play it with internet connection coverage. They have some game that MMORTS or MMORPG that require online which is fine, but for some that can play offline (like fishing superstar) it just redicolus.
  2. This will be a bit lame question, but how to download the apk from google play store. There only option Buy/Install and it wont download, instead it directly install the apk into our phone when it connected. I found browser plugin, but it same, when already installed we cant download the apk (and its a bit untrusted to install plugin which can access your wallet) NVM, found it on the device it self. On /data/app if anyone need to know where the apk location after downloaded/installed.
  3. The coin cheat you can do like @gadeloo tricks, but the $ (or real money that purchase from store) it bit tricky, I just waste my money to implement the trick, maybe later I give another shot for it.
  4. I think GG need add Advance Search, for example like search by size (1 byte, 2 bytes, or 4 bytes). This will make search more specified. I don't know how GG do value search, if like this example the memory have value: 00 00 00 00, if user put 0 and it return 0 (for 1 byte): 4 address results, 0 (for 2 bytes): 2 address results, 0 (for 4 bytes): 1 address result, then it's not good, it can freeze the HW just because of search (it return 7 address results just search 0 rather if user define which type of value that they want to search). And does GG have freeze feature, to force freeze the value like on CE? I found address on Asphalt 7 and unable to freeze the value, each time I spent money, the game override it again.
  5. noface


    Hi, I'm from Indonesia and looking forward with Game Guardian, I'm a bit unlucky with GameCIH so hope Game Guardian can give better results
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