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  1. Good thing i hacked my account a long time ago i also hack another account using an older version of the game then updating it not sure if that will still work
  2. I was having the same problem, it needed to be installed on my phone's storage it kept installing in my sd card so I took out the ad card and reinstalled and it work
  3. Can you help with hacking gold I feel like I am close but need someone with the knowledge
  4. I did try the freeze it did not work...anyone working on the gold hack?
  5. I refine the search till I got 3 values I don't know what Dword below the Xor means so just changed all three values to 2,888,888,888 and it works also. Did the same to health but reverted back to original value as soon as you get hit.
  6. Can you update it gets detected and kicks you out, Freeze's the game
  7. Only Targets Certain Characters Or I Should Say One Character
  8. Then you get banned!, how many have gotten banned ??... You can also hack your level to get all golden guns available
  9. as you can see it is possible , if you started grinding for stars forget it you will have to start all over. To do this I would start all over but if you didn't do the one where you can do level one over and over (grinding sucks) then you might be able to do it with out starting all over. 1 so start by searching your current level minus 1 so I am on level 7 I will search for level 6 on QWord not DWord . After you get your results play the level so in my case I'd be playing level 7, once I beat that level I can now search again so I'd be in level 8 so I search for 7, now I should only have 2 results if you have only 1 you are going to have to start all over to be able to do this (wait till after level 6 to do this) the two results that you get is your level and the other one is your stars I believe the top one is the stars ,change the value to 798 and start the next level if it shows you that u are in level799 then it's the bottom value then you would just Chang that put as many stars as you like and do put many and that's it
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