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  1. Glad I could help. Those charms come in handy. Especially the paint brush. Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Requirements: Rooted Android device Some type of root file explorer. I use FX File Explorer and FX Root Add-on. FX File Explorer FX Root Add-On Freedom.apk Candy Crush Saga version 1.13.1 OK, first and foremost, this isn't really a hack. Its more of a trick. For whatever reason, probably money, King removed the Yeti Shop after v1.13.1. If you already have the charms though, it will appear in later versions. For those of you who don't know what the Yeti Shop is, its where you used to be able to purchase the following three charms: Charm of Stripes - allows you to paint one candy with stripes per game. Charm of Life - increases your maximum lives from 5 to 8. Charm of Frozen Time - stops the timer on timed levels. Time only advances when pieces are moving. To get the charms we have to uninstall the current version of Candy Crush and install version 1.13.1. You can get a trusted download from the link above. Before you uninstall, if you have any boosters, you will want to use a root file explorer and, as a root user, find the file "com.king.candycrushsaga". Here is the path to the file. "data>data>com.king.candy crushsaga" Once you find that file, rename it to com.king.candycrushsaga1 If you don't already have any boosters, you can skip that step. Don't worry about losing your progress. Most game data, including the charms and progress, is stored on your FB account. Boosters and lives are stored on your device, which is the purpose for the previous step. Once you connect to FB, all your progress will be restored. So at this point you will uninstall your current version of Candy Crush. Install v1.13.1 which you should have already downloaded from the link at the top of this post. Open Candy Crush and connect to your FB account. Now, use Freedom to make your purchases from the Yeti Shop. Once you get them, they will appear in every subsequent update. Once you have gotten the charms, use the root file explorer again. Find the file "com.king.candycrushsaga" and delete it. Then find the file you renamed "com.king.candycrushsaga1" and rename it back to "com.king.candycrushsaga". Again, the path to that file is "data>data>com.king.candycrushsaga" Once you have gotten the charms and completed all steps above, you can go to the Play Store and update Candy Crush back to the latest version. If you don't know how to use Freedom, there are threads in this forum already which explain how to use it. As for IPad, IPhone users. I'm sure this would work for you too, you would just have to locate the proper apps. If you don't have a rooted device but know someone who does, you can use their device to get the charms. Just follow all the steps above and connect Candy Crush v1.13.1 on their device to your FB account and use Freedom. Once you finish and reconnect to FB with your device, you will have all the charms.
  3. That happens in some games. Freedom won't work in all games. The same thing happens in slot city. I think if a game is server sided it won't work.
  4. That's just cheating. . Freedom did quit working but they got it working again.
  5. I agree. I've lost money before and it seems impossible to get a refund.
  6. @dibblebill I don't see any posts there about people being banned from Google. All I see is something about in-appstore.com's servers IP being blocked.
  7. Anyone try Googling this? I tried before and couldn't fine even one person who was banned from Google for using Freedom. Try for yourself.
  8. Your welcome. Also, don't forget, you can use Freedom to get the 3 charms from the Yeti shop as well.
  9. 1.) Search for the number of lollypop hammers you have. Under size select 4 bytes. 2.) Use 1 hammer. 3.) Search for the number of hammers you have left. 4.) Use another hammer. 5.) Search for the number of hammers you have left. Repeat until you find the entry for the lollypop hammers. You may only be able to narrow it down to 3 or 4 entries. Just change them all to 1000 or 10000 or however many you want.
  10. I'm not sure how its done with hex editor. I've always used Game Guardian. I know you have to already have boosters before you can change their values. You can get all the boosters for free with Freedom. You can get the latest version from www.in-appstore.com. There are some good threads here about how to properly use Freedom. I strongly recommend reading them first.
  11. Try closing your game and then reopening it. Always remember, you open Freedom with airplane mode on but dont open your game until you turn airplane mode off. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to server, even after turning airplane mode off. Also, its not always your system which causes Freedom to be unable to connect. As far as I understand, Freedom reroutes your purchase through the servers on the Freedom website. Sometimes their servers go down for a while. Perhaps they are doing maintenance or something. If you have done everything right and its still not working try waiting a couple hours and trying again.
  12. Did u turn off airplane mode? U have to do that after u get Freedom open.
  13. Good idea. I just made my way to VIP+ a couple weeks ago. Lots of good stuff there. Google Wallet would be a good alternative to PayPal.
  14. Just wondering if there is anything in the works for Windows. Or, if there is something similar already.
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