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  1. Kyo


    Hello, after updating to 8.4.7, Gameguardian don't search, I try to search but it don't start, don't leave from 0.
  2. Tried with Zenonia 5 in 1.1.6 and don't works, also tried hacking Zen with Game Killer, and it is server-sided value
  3. I am back :P

    1. MiC2o


      Welcome back :)

  4. Yes, but I thought that I had created a way to cheat the boosters for someone that don't have any.
  5. Hm, weird. So the "data values" are different for it phone.
  6. Name of Game: Candy Crush Saga Game Version if known: 1.12.0 Name of Cheat: Boosters Search Regions Needed: 4byte Commentary: For this cheat, you will need to search a value in a memory editor, like GameGuardian, find the address, and search this address in the memory, to find, finally, the booster count. Steps: Open both Candy Crush Saga, and GameGuardian (or GameKiller). Search for 1252424193 (Color Bomb data value) You will find some addresses. The first one is the address we need. Note down the hex of the address, example, 2A6D9C20. Get the address of the step 4 and add +4 hex offset, so if it is 2A6D9C20, the new address is 2A6D9C24. Add this address to your cheat list, type 4byte or DWORD. You found the Color Bomb booster count. Edit the address with your desired value. Repeat steps 2 to 7 with another booster data value. Color Bomb = 1252424193 Jelly Fish = 729039361 "Pink Wheel" = 705827841 Lollipop Hammer = 1249391617 "Striped and Packed" = 705801217 Enjoy!
  7. Sorry, but this is a fake version. Do not work properly.
  8. Found good Candy Crush Saga cheats. :D

  9. The Google Play version don't have items and starfruit.
  10. Name of Game: Punch Quest Game Version if known: 1.1 Name of Cheat: Punchos and Life You need to switch the Gameguardian's scan option to More Regions or All Regions. Steps for Punchos cheat: Open both Punch Quest, and Gameguardian. Search for your amount of Punchos Spend or earn some. Search your new amount of Punchos. Repeat the steps 3 and 4, until you have only few address left. Change all the address to your desired value. Steps for Life cheat: Start a run in the game You have 5 (five) hearts. Search for 10. Get hit by a monster. If you have 4 hearts, search for 8, if you have 4.5 hearts search for 9. Repeat the steps 4 and 5, always doubling your amount of hearts and searching the value, until you have only one address left. Change it for 10 and freeze. Enjoy!
  11. Found cool Chocolate Tycoon and Punch Quest cheats, releasing it later.

  12. bump Can someone build a mod for this game?
  13. I want this game's cheats too, and if it is released in the VIP section, I am willing to buy the subscription. Bye.
  14. Just search your Medals value. The address is 1-byte, you can have 255 Medals, because there is other address that control the max amount. If you freezes the address in 255 and get a Medal, the amount will jump to 511
  15. I want the purchase crack too, only for the screen rotation, because medals and gold are editable by GameGuardian
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