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  1. You can only cheat the HP. Cause the other things are server sided.
  2. Thanks for the information mate
  3. Me too, it also happen to me
  4. So, I've tried the health and crit damage hack and i couldn't find the hp using the method @Amizz said before, but instead searching 1 point lower than my current hp i searched 1 point above (example: hp is 1200, i search 1200~1201) and it worked. And there's 3 address above the health address that i hack, i don't know which are the dmg or crit but i increase them value and no problem.
  5. Any update on hacking this game?
  6. Idk, everytime i run gg on this game, the game was closed
  7. Stop uploading it on youtube, they will fix the game you potato!
  8. Thanks guys, you're the best
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