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  1. You can only cheat the HP. Cause the other things are server sided.
  2. Pro_AI

    Archero Script

    I don't know man, i followed your instruction but this happen when i start the script
  3. Thanks for the information mate
  4. Me too, it also happen to me
  5. So, I've tried the health and crit damage hack and i couldn't find the hp using the method @Amizz said before, but instead searching 1 point lower than my current hp i searched 1 point above (example: hp is 1200, i search 1200~1201) and it worked. And there's 3 address above the health address that i hack, i don't know which are the dmg or crit but i increase them value and no problem.
  6. Any update on hacking this game?
  7. Idk, everytime i run gg on this game, the game was closed
  8. Stop uploading it on youtube, they will fix the game you potato!
  9. Thanks guys, you're the best
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