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  1. I keep getting a security. Certificate error

  2. ok solution nit to be rude but y cant you just mod the app and iap and everyone will atop bothering you
  3. I can't go to the download section at all
  4. Has anyone modded jetpack joyride

  5. has anyone hacked sakura slash

  6. i neeed someone who is really good at apks if u think u r pm me and ill inform u about what i want u to do also u might need to know some thing a bout a samsung ccaptivate that u

    1. icefire42342


      I have like 3 captivates and a galaxy s2...

    2. dtrey529


      r u good with apks cause I'm try in to have sommoneone help me hack my phone without my laptop causemy laptop is messed up so

    3. dtrey529


      I have 2.3.5 ginger bread

  7. hello people i am a reliable person if you need anything just pm me

  8. dtrey529


    I we I'll do u still have my sign Cuz it s not on dis phone
  9. dtrey529


    Most of u know me from gamecih. Dats all I'm awesome and ur not
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