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  1. Mate, once you login to 1.7 you can't login to 1.6 anymore and if your account has been banned you can't go back to 1.6 even if you still have it in your phone or pc.
  2. I was going to remind you of this video ?
  3. 300 value is your overdrive original value, you have to save it first to get the shop items or crystals.
  4. It should work on 1.6 version, try this 257;8750::120
  5. Nice work ? There is a simple way to do it, this method has been invented by @NoFear so a big thank you to him for all the hard work his done. - save 300 value first - search for 257;100::41 - 100 refine - press edit - press more - enter number 1 in increment - go to contraband page you will see the planes crystals value has been changed, so get the number of what you need and go back to the same number in GG. - press the number goto scroll up to line 12 which is located at the second Lin after 0 line copy the value. - paste into 300 value and you're done. - press your overdrive button. if you want to reset your shop page make sure to edit and enter 100 value back then reset your page. same method with brobots. Don't use this method on contraband sale event.
  6. This is happening because you're copying the wrong value and paste it to the 300 value.
  7. You guys going to get all of us banned from the game ???? one click = 9100 crystals. No need for bro points or medals since you have a 100k crystal in your account ? But the answer is no hack for any of them yet.
  8. Thanks, very kind of you ???? and you're ??????? ??????
  9. As I said before you are so f**** rude man, who cares if you use A or SSS planes for assault missions. Just stop talking for awhile. Obviously you don't know how to play this game or how to talk to the others. by the way I can't use SSS plane as all my planes are SS rank and I don't play assault anymore as I don't need crystals anymore ? one more thing dogs are always better than human like you ?
  10. you have been so rude man, you should thanks @NoFear for sharing his gold method and you have made over 83M in your account because of him. also you don't need SSS planes for assault missions Any A rank plane can get them done. and you can pass any patrol stages if you have Phoenix with musketeer and scarab that's extra 3 chances to survive. you just too upset because you don't know how to do the crystals ?????
  11. Guys, could you please be thankful for what you got, getting coins in this game for free is a big thing to do. Leave the crystals to @NoFear to deal with it by himself because if he share it with us we might get someone who can tell the developers about it and we all going to lose including @NoFear after all the hard work he is done. Also he knows how to get it done without you facing a ban from the game.
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