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  1. Oh my errors were retarded, I was taking information I read incorrectly and trying to apply it. Makes sense now. Though everything to work on has already been discovered so now to find another game to play with! lol
  2. hmm, then i guess i was grabbing the wrong value, 12 addy up from ship (greataxe in this situation) replaced in the 12 addy up from 300 was crash though in that screenshot, you could do that by burning your diamonds in the contraband shop too
  3. it SEEMS my issue was cause I was using an account without greataxe while trying to buy evolve parts for it with overdrive, when someone else tested it they crashed too, but I guess it works with ships you have access to? my account does not have enough bropoints or crystals to do any real testing.
  4. You still need to refresh the crystal shop even if you are getting the values of the 6 visible and are only trying to attempt with one of them to start with at least? Thanks!
  5. Also why are messages disappearing when I change pages and come back? then like 30 mins later they are suddenly back with likes and such all still in tact? Very confused by this site specially after all the staring at GG ive been doing hah So I am still curious what im doing wrong by posting the 12 addy up from ship to 300... crashes on Overdrive still. Thanks PS: LOL - do i have to actually have the ship first by any chance? cause I was using a fresh acct so I can see that being a possible problem
  6. Yeah, its always 300, but if you alter the 300 all you get is a change in the value visible, which address are we swapping nearby the 300? I assumed it was 4 bytes past but that causes an exit every time I copy the info from the plane Ive tried editing the +4 location too, that caused a crash when clicking on the window that shows the overdrive
  7. Oh, my overdrive is at 270 so I wonder how I was still finding that one value... or is the value still going to be 300 and is reduced by 10% because of VIP? So what part of the 300 are we saving? I was not quite sure what part we are working with, i assume its not the direct number but 4 bytes past was not the magic number either (and yes, my OD is still 300 regardless of the 270 listed from VIP) GREATLY Appreciate the help in learning, this is so much fun to play with!!!!! I cant thank you enough and there will be donations given to GG and others. I love learning this stuff!
  8. Are you clearing everything and resetting your data to make sure everything is fresh? Maybe you had altered something? Just a thought.
  9. For the Perm Ship upgrades ect.. I seem to understand all but the initial 300 search, what is that for and what are you saving? Then when I found all the ships, You mention going up 12 lines, 2 under "0" which was correct, I copied that line, pasted in the Dword of the 300 i found (from the search suggested to find the 300 above) and nothing changed that I could see... I do not know what I might have missed? Or another question could be: What is "step4) follow @NoFear's method for buying veriduim/exp/etc." -- or what is suppose to be done then, assuming it was explained that way to point to another place in the thread but I have read all 20 pages and not sure if im just overlooking a post or what. After finding and identifying all the ships I am not quite sure what I can do in order to take advantage of that. Information greatly appreciated! Preferably before they patch the game and we lose it all! Thanks! Happy to donate for learning but not interested in having it done for me, I have done similar on many PC games and this is my first Android attempt, having a lot of fun but still a little confused on some steps.
  10. True true, so things do move like on PC... hmm. well I just can not come up with a way to search for 1/1 or 0/1 yet...
  11. I am curious, do you know of a way to search for something that is a 1/1 use? Usually you need more opportunities to search than "1" ... this basically only gives you a search for 1, unchanged, 0, unchanged.... this will give you A LOT of results in most apps. Also, will the addresses move around just by changing where your at in the application (like what often happens with PC searches) or do address for different things generally only move when the app restarts? (I know the overdrive stays, cause you can lock it, but that is something that is universal to the whole game, not just one window) Thanks!
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