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  1. Why not create a group on (Telegram) to discuss and discuss views?
  2. @NoFear please can show my haw you hacke the exp to upgrade the broborts
  3. That work with my 100%? naw i have vip lvl5 and 15k craystal :lvl plaied 0 ?
  4. I just give all the information I have to circumvent this game To benefit everyone✌
  5. RESET PRO SHOP (FREE) 1: LOGIN IN FACEBOOK in order not to lose progress 2: Go to Settings / Applications Manager / HAWK / STORAGE / CLEAR DATA 3:Open the game and LOGIN FACEBOOK 4:GO TO PRO SHOP "Look, everything is come back, just buy this and repeat the steps" Enjoy
  6. This works (100% Speed Level Open the game Open Gamegurdian Go to any stage Play singles click on the gg icon and hold Release the speed to 0.x x = 1to9 Speed Level starts to slow down ☺ _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later I'm sorry the English language I have is not very good?
  7. Thanks guys ? _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later i well be training that if it work good
  8. Is there a hack for the Crystal OR PRO ?
  9. You can show me video _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later One thing work with me it is Hack speed level
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