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  1. @NoFear only Nofear who can hack it
  2. Hello? Pls anyone can help...
  3. Very hard To hack.... @NoFear
  4. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lilithgame.roc.gp Only Gems ? With Ca and double...but cant change value
  5. @Enyby Im using paralell space and Version Android 8.( no root) when i want change values the game crash How can i avoid To that. Many thanks
  6. All players who said here they got update 1.7 with lot of geems they will be banned for sure. Guys if dev is there they will ban us all ^^
  7. Good Happy for you _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later
  8. You don t need 53 to get coin. A lot of time i got 77, 1 , 100 etc etc and got my coin. So account hacked will be wipped? :/
  9. @Zaidos Your account updated to 1.7?
  10. Before hacking exp be sure you have a lot of gold. your 300 value are already saved. After make 257;8750::41 (the value 8750 will give you 12500 exp i think) After you will have value like 257 and 8750. Goto location of 8750 and count 12line Copy value Dword Past it at your value already saved (like what nofear shared to hack crystal) Go to the game and click on 300. Each click count 12500 exp Good luck
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