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  1. Which dupe method? the one by NoFear?
  2. you're not supposed to have the same address... what the video shows you is a framework on finding the right pointer then remapping that pointer to another this is not rote memorization but critical thinking is needed If you carefully watch the video, you will observe patterns on which violet address to follow etc _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later @nitinvaid20 here is another video of the same hack with added guide https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17717-last-day-on-earth-155-hack-gold-by-nofear/
  3. Seems that most of the banned players were based on crystal hack.... devs must have a counter or something and if they see an abnormal purchase of crystals, they react just hacking gold is enough, imo and maybe overdrive during stages
  4. Yeah, I've decided to wait for the 1.7 update to see any code shifts.
  5. The one on page 40, it's essentially an IPA hack https://youtu.be/3hZJAg2Z4Ko
  6. @NoFear's video on IPA hack still works.
  7. What the heck were they thinking? They turned almost everything to real currency only... is this their retaliation? what babies they are
  8. I already know that. What I'm looking for is a method for finding the pointer of the PRICE of the powerup...
  9. @NoFearmay I request some help in a faster way of finding price of overdrives?
  10. The search type is different for every game. For example, when I was using Xor search method in Realm Defense TD, I searched with DWORD and I was not having any success with it. It didn't even enter my mind to switch search type until someone pointed out that I switch to DOUBLE and they learned it through TRIAL AND ERROR. So yeah, about what search type you need to use, you have to go through trial and error. And one of the easier examples for xor searching is with HAWK: Freedom Squad.
  11. Glad, you got it. I recommend editing per address as not to fuck up other values that can turn permanent without you really noticing. also when removing or deleting addresses, choose "remove and revert"
  12. I mean what you are going to edit is the price of the Elixir package. turn that price to a negative value then buy it Have you read the thread I linked above for XOR searching?
  13. This guide is very helpful with this game. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17502-xor-search-guide-gg-8290/ instead of dword, use double when in the purchase elixir section NOTE: Remember, what you are searching for is the crystal prices of those elixir... just apply the xor search method
  14. @NoFear did you hack the crystals through your hypothetical example in page 8? or is it different method?
  15. Note: once you clear data (App Info>Clear data), it will reset most of the shops but you will notice that besides the coins and verdium items, the planes and brobots are the same every time you do it.
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