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  1. Last day on earth survival

    Nah, not sure what I messed up, It saved and work fine this morning. I just can't get back to my base. I tried load a save from last month (pre lv up every lv4 wall) that was ok. But not the recent save that I upgraded the walls, watch tower and generator
  2. Last day on earth survival

    I did my generator, watch tower, upgrade all level 4 floors and walls. It was working and saved , was playing fine this afternoon, but then got stuck at loading whenever I go back to base. Got caught hacking?
  3. Last day on earth survival

    Hi, don't know what has happened, got stuck at loading screen. I have 3 backup which one of them ain't at my base. Only that worked, I can go to forests and stuff but get stuck at loading whenever I enter base. Anyone has this problem?
  4. Last day on earth survival

    I'm not sure if duping military box is useful now, as you can only place a maximum of 3 military box in your base now. I have plenty of them, game just no longer allow you to place them down more than 3
  5. Last day on earth survival

    I have a friend, he spent $20000 USD on one game just to be on top of everyone else.
  6. Last day on earth survival

    Thanks mate, you have all my respect _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Yes, freeze dupe still works, the 12;12;5;4 however doesn't, which I really hope it does since it's so easy to dupe single items
  7. Last day on earth survival

    Dupe still works , I duped many green yellow and red coupons after update and saved
  8. Last day on earth survival

    No fear, thanks for all the vids man, you rock. Would really appreciate if you can slow down a little tiny bit on the clicks in the videos, I have to rewind and pause 5-6 times and watch frame by frame sometimes to understand your stuff. Please slow down a tiny bit for me noobs. Thanks a thousand
  9. Last day on earth survival

    Been going back and forth home and infected forest 20 times in a row, no sign of infected box pop up
  10. Last day on earth survival

    Only weapons that deal more damage than 20 will start dealing damage on the big one. Fully mod glock will deal 1 damage per hit, vss deals 2 damage per hit on the big one. M16/AK/minigun is less than 20 damage, so it will not hurt the big one
  11. Last day on earth survival

    there is 24 slot in the military chest. the chest comes with the summer pack that you can buy with real money or hack.
  12. Last day on earth survival

    its not my vid, i just saw it on youtube randomly.
  13. Last day on earth survival

    not sure if its no fear's method, i saw it on youtube randomly, just go craft page click skull crusher then search 12;12;5;4::30 , change all value to 0 then you can take stuff from crates without them leaving the crate (dupe) once you fill your inventory bag, just exit the game and come back in and you will have the items with you that you can drop into your own crates.
  14. Last day on earth survival

    Dont press take after edit value, walk around open boxes, eat something , leave map then come in again and see, assuming you got the right pair address
  15. Last day on earth survival

    Thanks, I got it to work now too. My problem on inbox hack was that I need to actually walk around do something before I exit the game in order for it to save. To find the pairing address the one above it must not be 0D , thaz what worked for me. And if search results doesn't come out with the ones that are not 0D, restart the game and search again. Thanks everyone that helped me out. The time and efforts you guys put into this community is priceless. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later If you guys have not seen this, check it out, easy GG hack that allows you to dupe anything you have in your crates, even single items like guns and wheels, I duped alot of the military 24 slot crates with this. You do have to follow it exactly, meaning you have to press the skull crusher in the craft manual before doing the 12;12;5;4 search.