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  1. So i installed one game but it has some function that checks for xposed, i rebuild the apk with LP and turned off some features but it looks like this feature is in the apk's java code. And without reversing the apk how i can fool the app that my phone isn't xposed enabled?
  2. I done every setting right, but after the "Source" logo valve game's are crashing.. Any idea what can be the problem? Or i can't emulate Tegra 4 GPU on my device..
  3. A ebook reader app forces me to inatall google's TTS app but i don't like it. In order to use my favourite app i need to install google's TTS but i don't want the easy way.. The only thing that comes to my mind is to rename other package's name but is it there other way?
  4. Freedom

    I'm not sure but, whoever has created the app is it still updating?
  5. You need a recovery for this to flash the zip with the new boot animation, but careful because if you flash the wrong zip you will finish with bootloop. Before i used this site: www.bhoot.co.uk for my Z1, check if they have for your phone.
  6. Herr

  7. **ptrace** error "process detection" what to do

    They are more easy to modify when you have custom rom and Xposed installed, but without Gapps flashed(or you just stop google services). If you have skills or you can use GG and LP, xPrivacy very well you can make the app standlone, offline if it can run online, but with the modern apps as you say it's more harder because they allways want from you to have internet connecion (even if the data can run offline) they sent logs, data usage "for better services, performance..etc." but they can spot you if you have pathed the app, they will see the log and modify it for the next update and the weakness in the code will be fixed. The hardest way is to Reverse the .apk file modify the code then recompile it and sing it. This needs some good skills.
  8. Is it better to have chroot linux system or Terminal emulators like Termux? To run CLI linux programs and scripts.
  9. info req

    You can download the GG's .apk from the forum.
  10. Episode choose a story

    Just if the game is server sided the GameGuardian won't work because it's a memory editor not a proxy debugger or data base server-sided thing..
  11. Episode choose a story

    If its online GG won't work.
  12. Freedom

    I think the freedom app is out of date.. LP is the most efficient and good app for patching and emulatig purchases..
  13. 99999999

    The f#(-??
  14. Request

    If it is server-sided (online) i will not work.

    I tried speed-hack in FunRun 3 and it worked very well only the first few tries, i was very very fast. The other players told me that i was very fast and i finished for a couple of seconds, then some player reported me and i was banned i removed my old profile but the cheat was not working anymore, maybe the server has spotted what i was doing.