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  1. The game is server sided there sre two ways: To exploit the server or "hack" it. Or to use man in the middle proxy debugging with your browser and modify the packeta sent to the clien-that is you, to your browser. But this sometimea don't work because the values in the packet are encrypted or encoded.
  2. Can someone give a link to the latest and official freedom apk.? Or are the developers still pushing updates.? Like LP.
  3. In all online(server-sided) games is almost impossible to change values, but you can play little with the in game-speed, some times it doesn't work, but who knows.. you have to try.
  4. MrNob0dy

    scripts or macros

    I just couldn't find any similar app..
  5. Is it server sides.? Is it online game.?
  6. MrNob0dy

    scripts or macros

    HiroMacro on google play.!
  7. Use androud VM or emulator on your PC. Or make dualboot on your phone with android 4.x.x.. (the hard bootloped way)
  8. And what is the problem with the value? It can't be changed or what?
  9. Forgot these rooting apps, they are old and you need to root your phone with new programs *not apps* you have to use your pc and adb. In these new android versions the vulns are patched and because of that these rootkit apps don't work anymore with newer android versions.
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