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  1. So you exploit the servers.? hm..? Oor scam, idk.
  2. It is not impossible to be rooted, but.. Now for the game.. First you need to extract the apk then to move it in your PC after that you need ti decompile the apk with some apk decompiler. Then after you look at the files that the apk content then you will need ida or other similar tool to edin .smail files or if the game is more bigger and it has obb then you will need to find the folder with the name of your phone's proccessor like x86 then inside will be some .lib files you open those with ida for example and then you will see assembly code.. That is just the begnning.. I think there is a lession in the this forum with ida.
  3. Hahah man too early for 1 april jokes..
  4. Can someone give a link to the latest and official freedom apk.? Or are the developers still pushing updates.? Like LP.
  5. In all online(server-sided) games is almost impossible to change values, but you can play little with the in game-speed, some times it doesn't work, but who knows.. you have to try.
  6. The speed value must be maximum 3.0 if you put more than that the game fails to connect to the internet.
  7. First the game is server sided so you cannot use GG to change the value. They maybe use some private payment option because LP did not work as well, and you cannot trick the purchase. The speedhack WORKED (it was really FUN, other players were amazed) i even had a video and if you want i will upload it, but then after a few games this trick just stopped working, you move fast, the animation is fast, but this is just on your side not on the server. If you enlarge the speed value to very high numbers you will be automatically dissconnected, that just cut the connection and sometimes the game crashes. But maybe some player reported me or just the server banned me becacause maybe it has some algorithm that detect's unusual activity and i just got banned. Btw the bann in the game is for 30 MONTHS.. I even had topic posted here in the forum for Fun Run 3. I'm glad that i was new to the game and i don't have so much time spended in the game.. Also if you wipe the game data you can play as a guest and use the cheat once i don't know why just once, the first time this worked for a couple of games and even in the arena once.
  8. Are you put insane values in the speedhack.?
  9. hey

    If the game is online the value is synced back to normal when it's changed.
  10. Yes i have tried to hack the currency.. But well you have succeeded..thanks i will look up the video.
  11. Yeah, probably is another value i tried with dword, but it didn't work.
  12. There is that game from Kongregate, but when i change the value nothing is happend is not crypted, just the icon of the value is spinning and i can't freez it.. The value now is even decreased.
  13. Do i need to change or
  14. Nope.. but i think the account itself is banned, but.. i will try. I need to make changes in some prop file right.?
  15. The server banned my account because maybe detect my speedhack tries or other players reported me.. Is there some patch.? Similar to the patch[mention=334617]Enyby[/mention] maded for Gangstar Vegas anti-ban.