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  1. hey

    If the game is online the value is synced back to normal when it's changed.
  2. Yes i have tried to hack the currency.. But well you have succeeded..thanks i will look up the video.
  3. Yeah, probably is another value i tried with dword, but it didn't work.
  4. There is that game from Kongregate, but when i change the value nothing is happend is not crypted, just the icon of the value is spinning and i can't freez it.. The value now is even decreased.
  5. Do i need to change or
  6. Nope.. but i think the account itself is banned, but.. i will try. I need to make changes in some prop file right.?
  7. The server banned my account because maybe detect my speedhack tries or other players reported me.. Is there some patch.? Similar to the patch[mention=334617]Enyby[/mention] maded for Gangstar Vegas anti-ban.
  8. Okay i know that the game is online the data is synced on server and if i try to cheat the the value ia back to normal.. But the first tries the speedhack worked it was really FUN, but now the only the speed of playing is increased the speed on the server is norma.. But why the first few tries were so amazing my player was literally flying..
  9. I just couldn't find any similar app..
  10. It not worked with all apps..
  11. decompile java, dex.. and many more there is a manual i think.
  12. You have to do it yourself, you need a rooted phone and downloas these apk's from somewhere.
  13. Use LP _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later Or freedom
  14. I was suprised that a mobile app for reverse engineering exist. But is not very comfortable to use.
  15. Is it server sides.? Is it online game.?