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  1. You can download the GG's .apk from the forum.
  2. Just if the game is server sided the GameGuardian won't work because it's a memory editor not a proxy debugger or data base server-sided thing..
  3. If its online GG won't work.
  4. I think the freedom app is out of date.. LP is the most efficient and good app for patching and emulatig purchases..
  5. The f#(-??
  6. If it is server-sided (online) i will not work.
  7. I tried speed-hack in FunRun 3 and it worked very well only the first few tries, i was very very fast. The other players told me that i was very fast and i finished for a couple of seconds, then some player reported me and i was banned i removed my old profile but the cheat was not working anymore, maybe the server has spotted what i was doing.
  8. Me quebo esta pafara ge menotara que?
  9. Halo muego, de app q memora hakiristika esta muengo to offline.
  10. The game is server sided there sre two ways: To exploit the server or "hack" it. Or to use man in the middle proxy debugging with your browser and modify the packeta sent to the clien-that is you, to your browser. But this sometimea don't work because the values in the packet are encrypted or encoded.
  11. GIRLSx02
  12. Boys67

  13. Me gusta la grande
  14. GameGuardian is the most advanced memory editor for android for now. I couldn't find other and more usefyl app than GG. These old apps that you find are very outdated, they are discontinued from developing, the official sites are down and it's most likely to find moded and malicious copies of the official applications. Even if you find a legit copy in some forgotten host it will be just old and it will not done the job right. Also you can download LuckyPatcher from the official site here: This domain name was in the official apk source, and the app is fetching updates from there. So download without doubt!
  15. I don't know what is that game but if it saves data only on your device almost always you can change it.