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  1. @MonkeySAN can u try to hack level plz in Homescapes
  2. @MonkeySANTo make sure you got the item. 1st sign in to Facebook or gplay then install parallel space clone the app sign in and see if ur items is there
  3. Be patient guys there are working on a script. Btw Dnt wanna ask for method bc it will be patched so it's better to release a script then method being patched.
  4. Yes all thanks to NoFear Yes I did
  5. I agree with @ItsSC a script would be great. Making it public will make it patched
  6. Oky i pmed u the account incase u need it and also thanks for looking into it i appreciate it
  7. I tried but failed. I hope someone can do it [added 1 minute later] @NoFear can u look into it. It will be nice if u can do it. Also i can give my account so dnt have to play much let me know
  8. Thank u so much bro its working also can u hack golden ticket items i can hack the rewards but not the not main rewards like pets btw its Hackable some youtube named mark scooby did it. It willl be awesome if u can do it and share with us thanks again [added 1 minute later] It comes after lvl 30 u must be on low lvl btw stars coins etc i can hack but not the main rewards like pets and decorations
  9. Can u do something about golden ticket bro its Hackable some youtuber did it but wont share with us he did item swap i think like this. I try but i failed
  10. HamidKhan22


    Can u do something about homescapes bro check my thread about it
  11. Yes. Its a match 3 game and when u start a lvl u have limited amount of moves. Hack moves if u can
  12. Can someone plz hack moves and share with us
  13. Can someone plz hack it and share with me. I know it's Hackable some youtuber did it but won't share with anyone.
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