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  1. Hello @cisco72563, is it possible to switch account on homescapes without losing my previous progress? currently my homescapes is connected to my facebook, but I want to switch to another facebook account. Is it possible?
  2. I did, but as soon as I edit the sledgehammer reward value to 900, my account instantly banned lol and start all over again, but when I edit the coin to 29k it's safe. Do you know how much value would you recommend to edit so I wouldnt getting banned? I guess 900 is too much. Im confused reading my own post, hope you understand what I mean.. also do you know how to edit the point in golden ticket? it took a lot of time to get into sledgehammer reward.
  3. nvm, figured it out. You already told in the previous post. I need to read more lol
  4. hi sorry for asking again, can you tell me how you increase the sledgehammer in golden ticket?
  5. thaaaank you again, after I tried the Xa method on my other device it workss, broo cant tell how happy I am. Thank you so muchhhh, have a nice day!!!
  6. my device is arm64, and thankyou for the coin tips. last, how to edit boosters value? I'm glad you still active on this topic! the coin still decrease after I freeze the value.
  7. but, I'll get banned and cant join team right? Do you have any trick to hack coin without getting banned and still can join team? May I ask how much coin do you have and do you get banned?
  8. Thaaaaank you so much, it finnaly works when I tried it on another device. You saved me a lot of time! Also can you give me any tips to edit coins without getting banned? I tried like the previous post (edit with root explorer), when I refresh the game I got banned. I edit only like 50k coins. And last, can you help me how to hack booster also? I also tried like the previous post (edit value in Xa range), but my game suddenly error. cant open lol. sorry for broken english and asking to much! I really appreciate your helps!
  9. Thanks for the explanatations, but there's is no result found when I'm using Ca range, but when I tick A range only it shows the result. Im so confused.
  10. hello, thank for answering my question. But it still did not change after restarting. I tried it couple times but still the same.
  11. after I freeze the level value and then refresh the game, it didnt change. Anyone know how to hack level?
  12. Kronfeld

    Lily's Garden

    PM'ed you the pict. Also, It'll be awesome if somoene could hack season points or unlocked season pass. I'm still learning GG, so I think that's impossible for me to find the value. Done!
  13. Kronfeld

    Lily's Garden

    Sorry, forgot to add playstore link : Lily's Garden As far as I know the thing that you can hack in this game is Lives, Coin, Boosters and Score for some Events. I wonder how do you find 1 value that not change? Can you find it by using game guardian or it can be done only by modifying apk file?
  14. Kronfeld

    Lily's Garden

    Hello, is it possible to change the reward value? The value is 1 everytime we get the reward. So, there is a team leaderboard that reset this morning. Every player points get back to 0. How you get the point is helping each others by filling their requests (every helps you get 1 points). This is what I want to ask, how can I search that "1" value? I want to edit the value like every time I get the reward the value is 5,10,16 points or whatever you want, so I can climb the leaderboard faster. I think it's possible because we can edit almost everything in this game, but I dont know how the search that 1 value, because the results is waay to much. Sorry for my english, hope you guys can help me out, Thank you!
  15. Hello, I'm still learning. Why you add 1 while searching the value? Thanks
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