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  1. Oky i pmed u the account incase u need it and also thanks for looking into it i appreciate it
  2. I tried but failed. I hope someone can do it [added 1 minute later] @NoFear can u look into it. It will be nice if u can do it. Also i can give my account so dnt have to play much let me know
  3. Thank u so much bro its working also can u hack golden ticket items i can hack the rewards but not the not main rewards like pets btw its Hackable some youtube named mark scooby did it. It willl be awesome if u can do it and share with us thanks again [added 1 minute later] It comes after lvl 30 u must be on low lvl btw stars coins etc i can hack but not the main rewards like pets and decorations
  4. Can u do something about golden ticket bro its Hackable some youtuber did it but wont share with us he did item swap i think like this. I try but i failed
  5. HamidKhan22


    Can u do something about homescapes bro check my thread about it
  6. Yes. Its a match 3 game and when u start a lvl u have limited amount of moves. Hack moves if u can
  7. Can someone plz hack moves and share with us
  8. Can someone plz hack it and share with me. I know it's Hackable some youtuber did it but won't share with anyone.
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