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  1. I'd also love to see this.
  2. Hazero

    VIP+ issue

    MY VIP seems to evaporated? O.o
  3. Great game, been unable to hack, unsuccessful with Cain and able and wireshark also.Game is fir Google play and Apple market
  4. Almost all survey downloads are fake.
  5. Due to the lack of help around here, im going to play with this as much as i can and see what i can get for you. Bad news is this has alot higher Security than most Gamevil games but ill keep trying.
  6. Idk about the search issue but with game guardian if anything pops up i also have to go back to the home screen to resume the game.
  7. There are a few ways that i have found possible. (im sure there are other if not better ways) Depending on the games pricing normally when the curance has a a large currency its easier. ) But 1 you can search for the numerical value of the price of the item you wish to by if you can get it narrowed down then try to change it. Or search for a ctring value or the name of that item to see if you can find its memory region.)
  8. With games like that ive often found ways around the unable to get free gems. Sometimes you can change the price of stuff rather than 110 jewels for example you may be able to change it to 1.
  9. Great job m8 you deserve it!
  10. ID also like to see a hack for this, but ive only seen one good MMO mod/ hack and that was for avabel, so slim chance anyon will do this.
  11. Hazero


    Hello and wecome to the GG community
  12. Also A Simple way to Recomiple an app...Decompiling was simple, modding was time consumming...compiling is a headache
  13. Show us how to do the cain and able with wireshard hack.
  14. Im not much help with coding or anything but i cando any GFX work you need done!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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