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  1. Flashing a rom will change the android id. If your lucky, titanium backup will ask that the android id was changed and like to restore. If not, sorry dude.
  2. There is no way to get back the data that you lost with the ID unless you remember your old android id or unless you made a backup in titanium backup
  3. Only the v.1.0.0 i think but you can just use the newer mod to purchase jems for free.
  4. I did exactly what you said for a GameVil game and got an "adnormal file Detected" error. Something I did wrong?
  5. After you run Game guardian, the dog icon should appear. Tab and hold the icon and it should look like it extend with an arrow going left and right with a number one in the middle. Tab the right arrow to make the game speed faster. And yes for any game except mmorpg I believe.
  6. Mine is always set to more regions but it did work for me on default.
  7. Name of Game: Bug Vilage Game Version if known: 1.1.7 Name of Cheat: Acorns and Coins Steps: Open both Bug Village, and GameGuardian. Scan for current acorn. Use some acorn and scan the new value. Repeat step 3 until 2 address is left. Change them to 9999999. Use some acorn again and it should change to your value input. Same method with coins (I use more regions while looking for these cheats.)
  8. It did disappear on my first try but it did stay on my second try. Try having the 5.5.1 install at the same time.
  9. Name of Game: Empire Defense 2 Game Version if known:1.1.6 Name of Cheat: Weapon Attack Hack Steps: Open both Empire Defense 2, and GameGuardian. Go into the store menu. Go into the weapon menu and select the weapon you want to hack. Do a fuzzy scan and then upgrade the weapon. If the weapon gain attack, choose larger and if the weapon lose attack, choose smaller. Repeat step 4 and step 5 until you have at least 100 or lower address. Go to the 0x8 value that has alot of numbers and change both of them into 20000000000. Change into a different weapon and back. The hacked weapon should me max out. (This also change the leadership.)
  10. I found out how to hack the weapon attack hack. Post it when I get home.
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