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  1. Leecher? What the ***** are you talking about, all i am saying is that if he does the thing he promised to do i will believe him, im nor a leecher
  2. Well on ur last post you said that if I messaged u my heroes I would get the hack but nooo you havent replied, if I wont get my hack soon I will mark you as a faker
  3. Its nice! but hope they release the tauren hero too,
  4. yeah ceb maybe we should think of making a private custom cc server, i know its possible and if we succeded everything would be so much easier
  5. Well its easy for you to say, your an official modder, i cant even mod with ida so yeah i need an tutorial
  6. Hello everyone, im a ios modder but i am saving up for a android tablet, i am 15 years old and i live in sweden,
  7. Soon guys i am gonna get the ViP, does anyone know if the mod is still avaible for castle clash? im new btw
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