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  1. @nio04, mengapa anda tidak update versi GG? Don't you think it will be easier for you and you may miss the latest functionality if you do not update GG. Suggestion: Update GG!
    I can't execute both of your script.
  2. kayjay

    Script Cheat SCGaming

    What is the password
  3. Here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zeptolab.thieves.google
  4. Seems like war, isn't? The good thing is, finally everyone can benefit from your war.
  5. This script for PUBG Playstore version or VN ?
  6. When launch Mobile Legend through Parallel Space, there will be 2 windows/tabs as the same thing. Nothing happen after switching those windows/tabs, it is very annoying.
  7. kayjay

    LUA scripting

    Can anyone share the PUBG Mobile code script? I just learned how to change the script code, it is better if someone can teach me how to find PUBG Mobile script code.
    Newest update making this app worst, force close when adding an app or to start an app.
  8. Hi, does ๖ۣۜTis ๖ۣۜNquyễn have a new way to encrypt and decrypt a script? I have decrypt one script that I just downloaded, after decrypting code I see there is one more encrypt there. Both the encryption have been designed by ๖ۣۜTis ๖ۣۜNquyễn, so here I want to ask how do I decrypt this script? I've been looking at various topics in this forum but still can not find it, I hope someone can help me. Thank you.
  9. View File Funky Bay Coins and Diamond Script by kJay After executed script, click"+" at coins and click on the last one. Submitter kayjay Submitted 11/11/18 Category LUA scripts
  10. Version 1.0.1


    Script by kJay After executed script, click"+" at coins and click on the last one.
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