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Tools DumpCS 1.0.0

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Tools Dump Script Gamegudian
By name Class, Fields or address in memory

Watch my video to see how to use it





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Script ended:

Tools Dump By Lê Thị Chín


Script error: luaj.o: /storage/sdcard/FileImport/ToolsDumpCS.lua:-1


attempt to index ? (a nil value) with key 'start' (field '1')

level = 1, const = 53, proto = 0, upval = 4, vars = 20, code = 160

GETTABLE v1 v1 "start"

 ; PC 145 CODE 00C98047 OP 7 A 1 B 1 C 294 Bx 806 sBx -130265

stack traceback:

 /storage/sdcard/FileImport/ToolsDumpCS.lua: in field 'FindIl2cpp'

 /storage/sdcard/FileImport/ToolsDumpCS.lua: in field 'Il2cpp'

 /storage/sdcard/FileImport/ToolsDumpCS.lua: in field '?'

 /storage/sdcard/FileImport/ToolsDumpCS.lua: in function </storage/sdcard/FileImport/ToolsDumpCS.lua:47>

 (...tail calls...)

 [Java]: in ?

 at luaj.LuaValue.f(src:989)

 at luaj.LuaValue.c(src:2864)

 at luaj.LuaValue.i(src:2767)

 at luaj.LuaValue.w(src:1094)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:363)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:207)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a_(src:195)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:544)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:167)

 at luaj.LuaValue.l(src:1393)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:533)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:207)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a_(src:195)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:544)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:207)

 at luaj.am.b(src:73)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:600)

 at luaj.LuaClosure.l(src:160)

 at android.ext.Script.d(src:6056)

 at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(src:5785)


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