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  1. Goof

    LUA scripting

    Do you have an example script that covers saving and loading from file? I'm not sure how to approach this, can I load a file saved using a script and then freeze values manually with the saved list tab? Great to see scripting implemented, should add huge potential for more user friendly list once it all matures a bit
  2. Goof

    LUA scripting

    Is there a way to save values and manipulate the saved list? Or is it currently only working with the results list and the raw addresses? I would like to build a script that can save a result to the saved addresses tab, then freeze the value if necessary... Also loading a particular value in the saved list, performing an operation and then searching based on the result...
  3. Goof

    [REQ] Duel Links 1.6

    Serversided. Guys have injected gems in the past through packet handling and were promptly banned.
  4. 8.24 fixed all of my GG problems Rebase now works on both of my phones, NOX, and the memory is correctly showing as C++.bss on my android 7 phone This rebase is so much more than I asked for, it's awesome
  5. What do the fields in the <appname>.txt actually stand for? I have an app for which the rebase works on one phone, but not the other. There are some fields filled in the working phone that aren't there on the phone where it won't work...
  6. I suggest you watch the video to see what I mean. I know the addresses move, this is common to most non-embedded OSes one is likely to game on. What I do is load the saved items list from another session. It shows garbage data, because it's not lined up with the correct addresses in memory. Let's imagine the first item on the list is my health. I then search for where my health value actually is in memory and save it. I compare the true saved health address with the address that was loaded with the saved list using the 'Calculate Offset' button. This tells me how far away all the values in the saved list are from their correct locations. I then select all of those values and move them to the correct locations using the 'Change Address' button, pasting in the offset I just calculated. The entire saved list now moves to the correct location, and I have 9 correct values to play with, and I only had to manually search for one What's important to note is that while the addresses in a table might be completely wrong, the distance between each value stays the same every time you run the program. So if you line up one value in the table, all of the rest will line up correctly as well
  7. Hi all, I've noticed a couple of things that bother me while using GG that I feel have some relatively straight forward fixes. The first is that when faced with a list of saved items, it takes two taps to clear the selection, but only one to select them all (the select-all button is prominently displayed on the toolbar). Rather than move the clear selection button to the toolbar, I suggest a change in behavior of the 'Select all' button: If you tap this button, and there one or more un-selected items in the list, then select all items. Else: If all items are already selected, then tapping the 'Select all' button should de-select all items in the list. Such a change would be a welcome feature IMO, and somewhat speed up usage of the program. It would also be nice if this select/de-select button was available on the toolbar of the search screen. The second change is a bit harder to explain, but I have a video to help: Loading a saved offset table in GG I have a saved table for a game from a previous session. I have found one of the values in the table, and wish to load the rest of the values around it. When I load the table, the numbers are all wrong, as the memory addresses have moved. You can then see how I re-align the table by comparing the memory addresses of the saved and freshly searched value, then applying that offset to move the rest of the table. What I propose is this: I search for a value, then save it with some name. I then load the saved values table from a previous session. If one of the address names in the incoming saved table match what is already in the saved values list, then move the table to align around that value, like I do in the video. I feel like all the underlying functions to do this are already there, it would just take some time to put it all together into one feature. Like my other suggestion, it would make a huge improvement in speed and ease of use of the program Hopefully you guys can take on board what I hope for and implement it, if not then thank you for your time
  8. Goof

    Nothing found in C++.bss on Android 7

    Ok I found the values I needed sitting in 'Other(slow)' memory instead of Cb. If you still want the logs to see what's going on, I can create and post them tomorrow, but on my end at least the problem is solved. Thanks for your time
  9. Basically my issue is as above: searching for values in the C++.bss region for a specific game is yielding nothing. Phone: HTC 10 ROM: Leedroid android 7.0 based ROM Game: YuGiOh Duel Links 1.2.0 GG version: 8.17.0 I know this game stores useful data in C++.bss (Cb), but any attempt to search values in this region is showing up nothing. Searching for the value I want across both heaps, Ca,Cb,Cd and Anonymous memory regions shows values, but none are what I'm looking for. On my old android 6 phone, I can find the values for the same game in Cb, perhaps android 7 has changed where apps store data in memory, or is masking it somehow? Any help will be much appreciated