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  1. Game Guardian tutorials - GameCheetah.org

    Nice very useful
  2. Hack Rival Stars Basket Ball Umlimited Gold

    I just found the gold hack the other still can not hehe. I am still learning about the kind search game guardian
  3. LUA scripting

    Thnks for advice _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later @Aufar_R Crisis action game has a strange problem. If we do not install the app via play store. They just raise the app version but not with the build obb
  4. LUA scripting

    In xiaomi devices usually data and obb stored in internal. Whether we can use 2 calling function path ? Internal & sdcard stored Xiaomi path name: / storage / emulated / legacy / Android / obb
  5. LUA scripting

    Checking app version thanks
  6. LUA scripting

    Function checking obb version?
  7. Last day on earth survival

    Apk mood 1.5.4
  8. Improving VIP content

    Maybe you can add VIP area to nav-bar GG Forum to show that there is vip content area. @d2dyno
  9. You should find the correct mod. There are some mods when the purchase is actually reduced. Maybe you can find a different mod
  10. Subway Surfer Hack Unlimited All

    Try Use google crome
  11. Hack Rival Stars Basket Ball Umlimited Gold

    Clear data and start the game from scratch that's what I do when trying to cheat
  12. Hack Rival Stars Basket Ball Umlimited Gold

    Maybe the version has been updated.Maybe the version has been updated. Try to clear the data again and try again
  13. Last day on earth survival

    How abaout hack energy on v. 1.5.4 ?
  14. How to hack money? (a girl adrift)

    Wow nice job sir hehe. Yesterday I tried but while changing the value of force close game. How do you do it?
  15. Need Help

    How to know the game must use dword, float, or other? Whether to try one by one.