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  1. It works on my phone with last version of the game. Android 9.
  2. Well still works with previous version of the script: rr3_currency_hack.v9.
  3. No longer work with last 9.1.1
  4. The new 9.1.1 just came out and broke the script.
  5. Update: Actually, it works. The brake distance is expressed in meter in the game. One just have to convert it to feet with google or else. Then the script can find something. One just can not change the speed. This is weird that even changing the language/region in android settings as english/usa doesn’t change the brake distance unit in the game, just the speed in mph.
  6. In RR3 8, one didn't need to log out account before running the script and one didn't get banned as long as one is not greedy. No more than 4 millions $M or $R and 4000 $G. Can I stay logged in RR3 9 if I use the same strategy?
  7. Use the alpha scripts among race mode downloads. It works as expected.
  8. Tried rr3_car_hack.v2.0.bin.lua. Never finds anything on rr3 9.0.1.
  9. It no longer works on RR3 9.0.1. Fails to find the searched number.
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