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  1. I understand what you're trying to say but I mean isn't there a command where, if you told the script to search 10 and edit all to 0, How do I tell that script to remember those specific values so when I edit off the script will edit only the 0s it already searched?
  2. Hey how do I save values in a script to reuse them in the same script? I want this becaise in my script I need to edit all to 0 but if I search 0 and change the value the game crashes except when I edit the values I havent deleted.
  3. I am actually making a script I will notify you if I upload it to youtube
  4. You cant just use one value for everygame for anything. You have to find that out yourself each game is different.
  5. Yes it is, by modifying the games values you can create some cool scripts.
  6. Comment if you want to, download the link for a deolmo of my work: FreeRoam City by NMYT(1).lua
  7. How do i freeze number? I thought it might be gg.freezeNumber but idk for sure and i dont wanna break my script
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