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  1. i was playing some Pixlgun and Tried to hack health. but the health is a float value. i Tried To lock it but i still get killed. i also tried to modify the adress via gameguardian didnt work . any solutions ? thanks.
  2. i like to hack in CoM (Zombies and infinity) , Dead Trigger Or Pixelgun 3d in all 4 games i already managed To get unlimited ammo Or money To work
  3. hello everybody. Well is it possible To use GG for something other ? Like Rapidfire Or invisbility ? if not : Is there an APP for that? can i do this by modding my APK ? -Sgtbradley
  4. Hello everybody, Ive already got unlimited ammo working in MP. Question: How do i hack/lock the numbers of lives ? I mean if i type 9 (max health) and then 8,7... At the end it doesnt find any results. Is it because there arent really "9" lives ? Hope you understand what i mean -SGTBradley
  5. 1st : click on modified value 2nd : type in a Name (Or not whatever) 3rd : click save 4th : click in the disk icon (next To the search bar.) 5th : tick the box next to the value that you saves. 6th : Done
  6. Serversided uses encrypted packages instead of values. You must First : Decrypt the package Second : Modify it You also can use Modified APKs. Some games are secured so weak, that you can modify Them with any Cheatengine. Its not that hard if you know what you want To hack.
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